The Olmedo Point Val di Sangro changes location and reopens as an exhibition space and corner inside the MD Auto srl, in C.da Paglieroni, 33 (Exit A14 Lanciano), Treglio (CH).

The history of this collaboration was born far away, with the foundation of the dealership in 1993 by the Amoroso family with the name AMOROSO AUTO Srl.

In July 1993, the company took over as Peugeot Dealer for the Province of Chieti and immediately established itself on the market thanks to the sales of the Peugeot 205 and its replacement, the Peugeot 206, cars that received excellent feedback from customers. The increase in sales led, in September 1999, to the expansion of the activity and the transfer to the current headquarters in Treglio (CH).

In 2007 Mr. Paolo Glauco Amoroso sold the shares to the two "pillar" collaborators of the company: Marco Arrizza, chief accountant, and Caravaggio Danilo, workshop manager, both in office since 1993. The new Director Marco Arrizza, once the company has been taken over, renews the name of the company from Amoroso Auto to MD Auto Srl ("M" for "Marco" and "D" for "Danilo") and leads the company to the maximum sales volumes and turnover, up to the current expansion project, under approval, for the construction of a structure on the main state road, of about 2,000 square meters covered and 4,500 square meters uncovered, able to accommodate a hundred cars on display.

The new market trends have seen for several years the exponential growth of lowered equipment for the transport of disabled people in wheelchairs and Peugeot does not lag behind, designing a vehicle that perfectly meets the needs of customers: the RIFTER.

The new model marks the meeting between MD Auto Srl and Olmedo Special Vehicles Spa, a leading company in the production of vehicles and specific equipment for disabled transport and the first in the Italian market to offer the Peugeot Rifter set up for disabled transport.

The collaboration leads to the birth of the new Olmedo Point Val di Sangro, with a more visible and accessible space, because it faces the street, a few hundred meters from the current location.

At the new Olmedo Point Val di Sangro, customers in the area will be able to rely on the proven professionalism of the new management and the constant presence within the store of dedicated personnel, together with the wide range of vehicles on display, new and used, of all brands.