After the acquisition of the business branch of the historic Friulian reality Sora S.r.L. of Osoppo (UD), Olmedo S.p.A. has definitively established a new location located in Reana del Rojale, just 2 km from the central Udine easily accessible from the Udine Nord motorway exit (only 3 minutes away from the tollbooth).

The renovated buildings, suitably equipped for the specific and delicate processing of structural cutting and lowering of vehicles for the ratio of non-ambulatory disabled people on wheelchairs (a sector of great experience for the staff operating there), today represent an Olmedo excellence. With a maximum production capacity of over 200 vehicles lowered per year, the Reana headquarters has 4 stations dedicated to the transformation of all vehicles with technical resolutions to lower the floor, including Renault, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen and Dacia.

The product portfolio that can be transformed from the Olmedo headquarters in Reana, ranks among the best in Europe for completeness of range and quality of the realizations.

An accessible reception / reception area guarantees excellent reception to disabled customers and carriers requesting a quick and decisive after sale service. Finally, we remind you that the Reana headquarters, occupied by former Sora staff and directly controlled by an Olmedo headquarters manager, boasts a specific experience acquired in the field of these realizations second to no company in Europe.