We are children of History

A history that has involved 70 years of development in the field of vehicle transformations, handing down family values and a know-how made of tradition and "culture of iron and design". Aiming at functionality, the safety of transported, the aesthetics of the components and respect for the environment, has always characterized the development of olmedo, strong of the "Day by Day" relationship with end user customers.

This continuous search for answers to daily questions, takes the form of the realization of what has been studied with the Customer: the customization of the product remains for us an added value of corporate prestige; we would almost say the "determining factor" that has made Olmedo more than a specialized bodywork, a research and development center for technologies and applications aimed at improving the conditions of transport of people.

It is in the nature of Olmedo, and its management, the search for quality and the protection of the environment. This materializes in the numerous certifications related to management and production quality processes, respect for the environment and Ministerial production in accordance with the series: the company, in fact, is certified according to the QUALITY PROCESSES UNI EN ISO 9001-2000, environmental protection ISO 14001, by the Ministry of Transport for production in accordance with the series, and finally is operating with processes that comply with Directive 2000/53 referring to the disposal and recycling of equipment components. The Model 231, recently adopted, confirms the intent of the property to continue a path of ethical value also aimed at Customers and collaborators.

As a demonstration of a business progress not strictly aimed at the technicality of new developments, Since 2008 Olmedo has continued its path of innovation also with a view to a low environmental impact, constituting an internal operating procedure called "Olmedo loves the Environment" and dedicated to transformations due to disability on vehicles with low environmental impact: electric, hybrid or methane, of every segment and type. All vehicles are produced in accordance with Directive 2000/53 on the recycling and disposal of fittings.

Olmedo loves the environment, understood as a 360° ecological project that also involves aspects of management of the company building and the internal processes of maintaining the production areas.

Sport for Olmedo is another important key to social commitment and media involvement at all levels, representing in a tangible way the company's desire to transmit those values of dynamism that have distinguished it in its entrepreneurial growth. It is a process that aims to involve children of all ages, with the ambition to identify in sport an inclusive means that transmits to everyone the strength to be successful even in life.

The Olmedo Management is handing down those values of relationship with the workers and with the Customer in the most concrete way, materializing those qualifying aspects that make a working environment a healthy, satisfying and welcoming place, ideal for expressing the realization skills of each employee. Today, 70 years after its foundation, the heirs of Olmedo Quintavalli maintain the values of research and service dedicated to the customer, combined with the desire to deepen and cultivate the human relationship with the group's collaborators.