To always be by your side

In the Olmedo group they feed from generation to generation the determining factors to offer a healthy, satisfying and welcoming professional environment: the ideal place to express the realization skills of each worker.

After a long time from the foundation, the heirs of Olmedo Quintavalli carry on his idea and the same values throughout the national territory, thanks to the widespread distribution of its offices and the Olmedo Point dealer network.

An organization designed to be closer to the customer, strengthening the comparison and understanding with the end user. Being easily accessible means responding more effectively to people's needs.

The group's offices

The Olmedo Points transport disabled

A network of points of sale to cover the national territory, where you can appreciate and touch the characteristics and quality of our vehicles set up. Technical and commercial documentation of the entire Olmedo range, opportunities to carry out test drives and our highly trained staff to best support the customer's needs.

Olmedo Points guarantee "after sales" support for new and used vehicles quickly and decisively, as well as the possibility of taking advantage of numerous other additional services including financing on the purchase of new and used, insurance services, information on short and long-term rental, together with the possibility of promptly finding information on the promotional campaigns of the moment and on the vehicles ready for delivery and "Km Zero".

Where are we

The Olmedo Point exhibition spaces are distributed throughout Italy, allowing the group to respond to every need from North to South. The network is constantly evolving and already oversees the major Italian cities.