Since 1951 a single strong value: helping others

Reconciling tradition and innovation, style and functionality. In 70 years of history Olmedo has distinguished itself for having collected under a single name an almost impossible mission winning a place among the most exclusive factories of ambulances and special vehicles in Europe.

A journey made with the desire to restate the canons of the bodywork in the medical sector and disabled transport, turning to the future without ever losing sight of the mission that has distinguished the past of the group:
guarantee everyone the freedom to move.


Olmedo Quintavalli begins the adventure

In the February 1949 the historical sources and relics found among old and precious original family memories composed of brogliacci, photographs and sketches on paper referring to caissons and special bodies, place OLMEDO Quintavalli as founder…


The company's first photographic catalogue

Remaining open-mouthed today, more than 45 years after that first publication printed on color coated paper: this is the effect of the first catalog drawn up in 1973 by artigiani Riuniti Carrozzai that has so much…


Olmedo logistics stock is born

The year 2011 represents the year of the turning point for Olmedo SpA now considered for specialization, range of equipment and production potential the leading company in Italy in the field of transformations for disability transported.…


Olmedo becomes Main Global Partner of AC Reggiana 1919

On Friday, November 18th , the press conference was held to present the Olmedo / AC Reggiana 1919 partnership project which involved, in the beautiful setting of the Mobility Room appropriately "branded" for the occasion "granata",…


Olmedo turns 70

1951-2021: THE HAMMER In 70 years of evolution, there are too many things to tell to express the value, never replicable if not lived, of history. So we do not like to talk about what has…

Five divisions, the mission of a single group